Campus IT Strategy

In late 2005, the University of Iowa commissioned a review of all Information Technology (IT) across campus. From this review, administrators recognized the need for an overall strategy to guide IT at the university. The resulting Campus IT Strategic Plan was published in July 2007.  

The strategic planning process involved extensive review and assessment, followed by a year of developing, sharing and honing the vision and goals for IT at the university. A key contribution to the success of the review and plan was the broad involvement from campus, with many opportunities for input throughout the process. This approach was adapted for the strategic plan.

In early 2011, work began on a revised Campus IT Strategic Plan that would include an updated set of goals and strategies, and that plan continues to guide the university’s IT initiatives today. In conjunction with this planning process, Information Technology Services developed the ITS Strategic Plan and a series of road maps that are evaluated and updated twice a year. Links to both of the strategic plans and the ITS road maps are available below:

IT Strategic Plan

ITS Strategic Plan

ITS Road Maps 1H FY15

These roadmaps were developed based on the business needs and strategies that were in place in July 2014. These could change pending the impacts of both the Iowa Board of Regents Performance-Based Revenue Model implementation plans and the TIER Efficiency Review.