Welcome to the CIO Office

As Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Steve Fleagle provides broad oversight to the Information Technology Services (ITS) departments and facilitates campus-wide coordination, planning, and delivery of services with colleges and other IT providers. He represents the university's information technology interests regionally and nationally. The CIO reports to Executive Vice President and Provost Kevin Kregel and Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations Rod Lehnertz.

In recent years, technology collaboration efforts at the UI were fortified through an initiative called OneIT, which brought campus IT providers together as a unified, integrated technology community. OneIT offers a more cohesive, consistent experience for IT customers, maximizes the impact of IT investment, and helps IT providers better meet the needs of interdisciplinary activities and learn from each other.

OneIT is not a single organization in the traditional sense. It is an ecosystem of IT providers with common values, guiding principles, processes, technologies, governance, plans, priorities, policies, and vocabulary. OneIT is committed to work as one to provide the best IT environment for the campus now while positioning the university to take full advantage of technology advances in the future.

The next step in these collaboration efforts is integration with Health Care Information Systems (HCIS), focusing on areas of opportunity to enhance IT services offered across the university community.

    Role of the Chief Information Officer

    • Provide leadership for the continued development of a progressive information technology environment throughout the university.
    • Ensure that information technology in its many forms fully serves our teaching, research, and service missions, using a model of partnership and collaboration.
    • Ensure an appropriate campus IT infrastructure in support of administration, research, and instruction. Provision of mass storage, networks, directories, administrative applications, server platforms, and IT security are examples.
    • With broad input from campus partners, plan the future development of information technology at the University of Iowa.
    • Engage collegiate and administrative units in dialogue on many key levels (dean, associate dean, director, and technical staff) of each organization.
    • Support IT staff in continuous development of professional skills as they contribute to the success of the university.


      CIO Steve Fleagle

      Steve Fleagle, Associate Vice President and CIO

      About the CIO

      Role of the CIO Office

      The CIO Office is the primary focal point for campus-wide IT initiatives and policy. This department supports the ITS organization internally and the CIO in broader campus efforts, providing leadership and administrative support in finance, human resources, communication, and project management. CIO Org Chart