The OneIT Strategic Plan, published in October 2023, focuses on initiatives that help to advance the University of Iowa Strategic Plan. The links between the OneIT plan and the UI plan demonstrate how the work of the IT community connects to the bigger picture of institutional goals. The plan positions technology users and providers for success in the years ahead, with priorities in teaching and learning, research and creative discovery, data, and continuing to foster collaboration across the IT community. 

The plan was developed by IT leaders from Information Technology Services and distributed IT units in colleges and administrative departments. In addition to complementing the UI plan, they worked with campus partners to identify trends and other factors that would influence our strategic direction. They gathered and incorporated feedback from the IT community and campus stakeholders. 

OneIT Roadmaps outline current and planned IT projects happening on campus, providing transparency and helping with prioritization and coordination of IT initiatives. The roadmaps were developed by the OneIT governance councils.

The OneIT Year in Review highlights many of the IT community's accomplishments and milestones.