The IT Leadership Award is part of a continuing effort to develop, encourage, and support IT leadership for all IT professionals at the University of Iowa. This annual award is co-sponsored by the UI Chief Information Officer, the UI Health Care Chief Information Officer, and the UI IT Leadership Development Team.

Nominations are accepted during the spring semester and awarded by the CIO during the annual UI Tech Forum.

The objectives of the award are to:

  • Provide public recognition to one or more IT professionals who have exhibited exemplary leadership
  • Highlight the importance of IT leadership at all levels in the UI community


Nominees for this award must have IT responsibilities and exhibit exemplary performance that has delivered recent measurable results in one or more of the areas of engagement, impact, or initiative. The following questions guide evaluation of nominees and should be addressed in nominations:


  • How was the nominee engaged in the IT community?
  • How has the individual promoted and leveraged working relationships with peers?
  • What was the level of engagement and impact to projects and individual work?


How has the nominee impacted:

  • Other individuals through mentoring, coaching, or other activities?
  • Community-wide IT projects?
  • Their work unit?
  • Their department?
  • The university as a whole?
  • Has the nominee shown leadership across the university by participation in external groups (Iowa City area, Iowa Board of Regents groups, Big Ten Academic Alliance, EDUCAUSE, user groups, etc.)? If so, how?
  • How has the nominee used leadership influence to improve processes, initiatives, or services?


  • Was the individual assigned this leadership role, or did they voluntarily assume it?
  • How did the nominee build buy-in for an idea or project?
  • How has the nominee exhibited professional growth through individual leadership development?
  • How has the nominee grown as a leader?
  • How have the nominee’s leadership attributes, such as influence and presence, improved?


Submit a nomination:

  • Nominations may be submitted by any UI employee. Self-nominations are acceptable.


The IT Leadership Development Team will review the nominations and provide award recommendations to the UI Chief Information Officer.


Please contact IT Leadership Development Team Co-Chairs Matt McLaughlin or Andy Jenkins

Past Recipients